How to find your dream wedding location

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How to find your dream wedding location? The right wedding location is such an important and fundamental step in creating your magical day. Therefore you will want to get this one right. I am beyond excited that we have found and signed our dream wedding location. So, if you are looking for your wedding location, here are some considerations to help you on your way.

Astrid in a white embroidered dress looking at flowers in the Provence, France |

Start with an open conversation

To find your dream wedding location, you need to know what that dream location looks like. Take some time to sit down with your partner and talk about how the dream wedding location looks like for each of you. This can be very specific like garden versus big ball room. But it can also be about the vibe or theme you’d like for your wedding, for example modern versus country style. Do you want a very formal atmosphere or can it be more relaxed? Moreover, you also want to know what each of you absolutely don’t want in a wedding location before you start your search.  

Home game or abroad?

Another big decision you will need to make is whether you want to have your wedding in your home country or abroad. When you choose to stay in your home country, proximity and accessibility for your guests will be an important factor. Whilst, a wedding abroad is more challenging. We opted for a wedding abroad and here are some things you need to think about: 

  • How well do you know the country/region you have in mind?
  • Language. Make sure that at least one of you or someone willing to help speaks the local language. If this is not the case you might want to opt for a bilingual local wedding planner. Downside is you’ll need to carve out some budget for this.
  • Do you want a religious ceremony? If yes, what are the local rules on this?
  • Accessibility. Important to reflect on is how easy will it be for your guests to get there. Is it a car drive? Do they need to take a plane? can they come by public transport?

The world is your oyster, whatever you do make sure it’s what you and your partner desire as a wedding destination.

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Matching location and guest list

“How many guest will you have?” Is the first question any proprietor will ask you. To find the wedding location of your dreams you need to know who you’d like to have with you on your big day. Talk about this openly with your partner, as this can be a sensitive topic. Next to family and friends, you might also want to consider colleagues from work. The proud parents might also want to ask some close friends.

Find a balanced approach that you and your partner both feel comfortable with. And remember there is no right or wrong in this. The key question is who do you – as a couple – want to celebrate your love with? For some this will result in a substantial guest list, others will conclude on an intimate group. Find what feels good for you!

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Trusted partnerships

When you have your shortlist, visit the locations, have a chat with the proprietor. Look for that natural, instinctive “connection”. Part of the magic of our dream location was the connection we had with the proprietor. From the second she greeted us, it just felt right. After, a tour of the domaine and she invited us in for a drink and answered all of our questions. And she did so without getting hot and bothered that we weren’t bilingual. Moreover, she was able to show us pictures from previous events and weddings and gave recommendations based on her experience. Finally, she was excited about our wedding, and us a couple. Talking to her was like talking to a best friend about how we saw every little detail and that right there was the deciding factor for us.

Finding your dream wedding location can be an exciting, frustrating and eye opening experience. We visited places that were gorgeous but we didn’t connect at all with the proprietors. Then there was the place that was only accessible through a tiny mountain road of death, the fear in the backseat of the car was real! The ones that were beautiful but over budget, the ones that didn’t look like the website at all and I can keep going on for a while. Above all else, it is an amazing fun treasure hunt to go on as a couple and it will without a doubt result in some very fun memories!

“The key question is who do you want to celebrate your love with? For some this will result in a substantial guest list, others will conclude on an intimate group. Find what feels good for you.“

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