We say yes to natural diamonds

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I said yes! I still can’t believe it, even after all these weeks. We got engaged in Paris. In January I asked you all whether you’d be interested to learn more about lab-grown diamonds. The result was 50%-50% and so I thought it was the perfect time to talk diamonds considering the updated status of my left ring finger.

As you know sustainability has become a key factor for many when buying fashion and beauty products, and jewellery is no different. Brands like Pandora and Edge of Ember are pledging a 100% lab-grown diamond use for that exact reason. But are all lab grown diamonds really more sustainable? Well, the answer isn’t that simple. If produced under optimum conditions, lab-grown diamonds potentially have a lower carbon footprint than natural ones, but there are other environmental, social and economic factors to consider. Currently 50% to 60% of all lab-grown diamonds are produced in China using high-pressure, high-temperature technology, rather than the cleaner chemical vapour deposition technique favoured in the US and India. Many lab-grown diamond brands still do not share their factories or origins.


Meanwhile, diamond mining over the years has been highly regulated and is learning how to do things well. And whilst many of us believe sustainability to be important we also consider natural diamonds to be precious and unique. After two years of the pandemic people are saying: “f*ck it, we only live once, let’s love, let’s live!” This sentiment has seen many men and women go down on one knee; just like my boyfriend, now fiancé, did. Research from diamond behemoth De Beers made one thing very clear, lab-grown diamonds are nice for fashion jewellery but they are no engagement ring material. When it comes to life events of real emotional significance, we still prefer the uniqueness of a natural diamond.


I guess as with most things, the jewellery business will find an equilibrium in which we benefit from lab-grown diamond innovation whilst reforming mined diamond production. Until that balance has been found, my advice would be that whether you are buying natural or lab grown diamonds to always check its origins, the brand’s sustainability policy and how they manage their supply chain.


What do you think?