Marriage is a journey, not a destination

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If we are supposed to only marry once, why rush it? Less then two months after our engagement most people expect us to already have a date and location. Is this really the timeframe we expect couples to plan the biggest day of their lives in?!

Look I’m well aware of the perception that women have their wedding day already planned out since they are six. Some of us do have a secret wedding scrapbook – which is perfectly fine. However, there’s a whole bunch of us that don’t. Yes, we fantasised about it. We dreamt of what it would be like but that’s how far it goes. Personally, I don’t have a scrap book. What I have are emotions, feelings, a certain atmosphere that I associate with celebrating a deep and true love between two people. That and the hope that one day I’d find it for myself.

Staying true to yourself

I consider myself extremely lucky that I have found that love and said, or more like shouted, ‘Yes’ to him recently. We want our wedding to be a celebration of us, of our love. Therefore it should be as much me as it is him. Right now, we are talking to each other, figuring out what celebrating our love looks like to us, and just us. I’m well aware that in the world of social media we live in, the expectations on all of us to look, act and do things a certain way are extraordinary high. Not too mention the expectations of society as to how a wedding should be done. Staying true to yourself as individual, and as a couple, is pretty damn hard.

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When it comes to love, and life, there is no such thing as a sprint to a certain moment or milestone. It’s the little moments no matter how big or small. No matter how high or low that make it all worthwhile. Rather than rushing through them. We should cherish them and enjoy them to the fullest. When we got engaged we consciously decided not to announce our engagement broadly until’ we got back from Paris. To this day, I’m grateful we made that decision. It allowed us to fully enjoy our romantic life changing weekend together.

So, seven weeks into our engagement we cannot answer anyone’s questions as to the what, when or where of our wedding, and that is okay. What is crystal clear for us, however, after many conversations together, is the vision we have of our wedding and how we want to achieve it. Our wedding will be unapologetically us. We plan to cherish and enjoy every single moment of planning and creating our dream together. Because the engagement or the wedding is not the end game, it’s a confirmation that we decided to take this journey called life together. So if you are going through the same (e)motions while planning your wedding, know that it is more than okay to take your time and enjoy the ride!

Our wedding will be unapologetically us and we plan to cherish and enjoy every single moment of planning and creating our dream together.

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