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New york fashion week

New York fashion week has just closed so let’s have a look at what it had to offer this year. The hobo chic style was very prominent during New York fashion week and came back on the runways of Proenza Schouler, Coach and Altuzarra amongst others. Yet there was also space for dreamy elegance and sexiness with Zimmermann and Carolina Herrera.

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Zimmermann - New York Fashion Week | Ode2style.com
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Proenza Schouler - New York Fashion Week | Ode2style.com
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Although covid restrictions were eased just in time for New York fashion week, there were less physical shows than in pre-pandemic times. Complex travel procedures aside, some designers nowadays have taken a liking to the creative and cost conscious possibilities of the digital format. The shows that took place physically were often smaller in size, focusing more on the buyers and editors rather than making a huge marketing splash.

There were a few things that caught my eye during New York fashion week, namely the traveller themed shows with a casual hobo chic vibe. It was as if the designers were imagining our post pandemic world to have a more rough climate requiring a more nomad, gipsy dresscode. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough at Proenza Schouler based themselves on the question: How do we find beauty in the chaos and use it to build a new future? Their designs showed unmatched tailoring using traditional techniques yet set in an urban environment, using earthy tones. They played with proportions to hug, expose and define the body. Meanwhile at Altuzarra, creative director Joseph Altuzarra was inspired by a woman coming from the ocean. We see global influences creating the images of a worldly traveller, a sailor.

Although I’m intrigued by these dark and earthy traveller explorations, I remain a woman with a romantic heart and a fierce temperament. My highlights were the Zimmermann and Carolina Herrera shows. Nicky Zimmermann showed a series of 12 zodiac prints designed by Scottish artist Anita Inverarity. The whole collection gave a very romantic flower power vibe with the bold prints, cat suits, the tassels and fringes. It very much invites you to go look for that personalised look with your zodiac sign, but don’t fear the prints are subtle enough for those virgos that get attracted to the leo look.

Carolina Herrera New York Fashion Week | Ode2style.com

Carolina Herrera

And last but definitely not least my favourite collection of New York fashion week, Carolina Herrera. Presented to the notes of Carmen’s Act 1, Wes Gordon showed a fierce, elegant and sexy woman ready to go to the grand ball. The heels were high and the neck lines were sensual and precisely cut. The gowns had exquisite lineair tailoring with dashes of taffeta exuberance and the bold colours felt untamed. It was an absolute dream of a collection.


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