What I’m buying for spring summer 2023

My spring summer shopping wish list

Now that the temperatures are increasing I want to share what I’m buying for the upcoming spring summer season. Since I’m on the journey to build a more sustainable wardrobe, I’m very conscious whenever I add new pieces. Therefore, I won’t be chasing trends instead I’ll be adding items that fit my style, will pass the test of time and are high quality. As you may be looking to refresh your wardrobe for spring summer, I thought I’d share some of the pieces I have on my spring summer shopping list. 

The style inspiration

This spring summer I’m really continuing my love for heritage country and marine inspired pieces. Over fall winter I added a lot of neutrals and beige tones to my wardrobe and I’m planning to keep those. What pairs well with beige and says summer holiday by the sea is blue and cream colours. The latter might end up being a tricky thing, now that we have a golden retriever running around the house with muddy, sandy paws. Nevertheless I’m committed to this gorgeous colour pattern as it will allow to get the most out of my full wardrobe. Finally, I’m adding a touch of soft pink in there coz’ honestly, what girl does not like a touch of soft pink. 

My spring summer wish list

The perfect white trainer

A good classic white trainer is a must-have for me in spring summer. Seeing that they will act as an eye catcher under a pair of jeans and allow you to dress down a look to business casual. I recently found my perfect pair at Holland Cooper. The brand recently launched a classic white trainer in three colour ways: plain white, leopard and black croc. Obviously, I got myself a pair of the black croc ones. They are so chic and I can combine them with some formal trousers for the perfect Friday at work look. Holland Cooper is a British Heritage brand that ships around the globe and their fits are super true to size. 

Holland Cooper Plain White Trainers for spring summer 2023
© Holland Cooper
Holland Cooper Black Croc Trainers spring summer 2023
© Holland Cooper
Holland Cooper Leopard Trainers Spring Summer 2023
© Holland Cooper

A classic wedge sandal

It has been a long time since I’ve owned wedges to be honest but they are really comfortable and easy to wear in summer. I just really like how they can elevate a silhouette whilst being absolutely comfortable. Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring several options and I really like the elegance of the wedge that ties around the ankle. 

However, I bought these Tommy Hilfiger sandals because I personally like my feet to be snugged in and secure. Also, I own a number of Tommy Hilfiger shoes and they are among the most comfortable high quality shoes I own. If you do prefer the ankle tie then I’d recommend to check out brands like Holland Cooper or Castaner

Tommy Hilfiger High Heeled Open Toe Wedge Sandals
© Tommy Hilfiger
Balletcore trend at Miu Miu for spring summer 2023
© Miu Miu
© Simone Rochas
Balletcore trend at Prada for spring summer 2023
© Prada

Some cute ballet flats

Lauren Ralph Lauren Buff Ballet Flats Spring Summer 2023
© Lauren Ralph Lauren

Ballet flats are super trendy for spring summer 2023. The balletcore trend featured on the catwalk of brands like Simone Rocha, Miu Miu and Prada. I’m eagerly making use of this resurgence to get myself an elegant pair of ballet flats. Because let’s be honest as the mum of a teenage puppy dog whose running high on hormones, high heels are not always a safe choice. Nevertheless, I still want to look refined and elegant thus a beautiful ballet flat comes in handy. I currently have my eye on these gorgeous buff ballet flats from Lauren Ralph Lauren for spring summer 2023. 

A pair of white jeans

Okay let’s move on to trousers. A cute pair of white jeans if just such an easy basic to have in your wardrobe. During the transition months it easily pairs with a camel boot. While during the summer period you can combine them with some slides, sandals, ballet flats or trainers. 

Currently, I have my eye on a straight ankle length pair of Lauren Ralph Lauren and an oatmeal skinny fit from Holland Cooper. The creamed, oatmeal colour of the Holland Cooper model, I believe, would hold better against puppy paws. Yet, I’m thinking the straight fit might be a bit more relaxed. I’ll definitely keep you posted on my decision, maybe I’ll get both of them.  


Lauren Ralph Lauren Straight Ankle White Jeans Spring Summer 2023
© Lauren Ralph Lauren
© Holland Cooper
Lauren Ralph Lauren White Pleaded Shorts spring summer 2023
© Lauren Ralph Lauren

The take me for a stroll white shorts

A blue cardigan, these white pleaded shorts and the Holland Cooper trainers and bam honey that’s a look. Can you already see yourself walking along the port of Saint Tropez in these, this is such an heritage inspired marine look. 

I have just ordered this white pleaded pair from Lauren Ralph Lauren, and I cannot wait to try them on and style them up for you. 

The garden party ready shirt dress

I probably have a few of these because it is such an easy summer staple. Pair it with a high heel or some wedges for the perfect romantic look. Or throw on a pair of trainers or slides for the perfect casual BBQ party look. This spring summer I’ve got my eye on this gorgeous navy shirt dress from Lauren Ralph Lauren. 

© Lauren Ralph Lauren

The knit for those summer nights

Soft and easy knits are what you need for those late evening garden BBQ parties or those late evening holiday strolls. 

This gorgeous pale pink cardigan from Lauren Ralph Lauren or the Harvard V-neck from Holland Cooper are the perfect partners in crime for those moments.

Loewe Anagram Basket bag in iraca palm and calfskin
© Loewe

The must-have accessory

Firstly, now that I’m a dog mum I generally need bigger bags to fit all Whiskey’s bits and bops. Moreover, you want a nice tote bag for when you are strolling across those foreign food and crafts markets and want to pick up some nice trinkets. Not to mention the sunscreen and hygiene gel you carry around. This tote is the stylish companion you need on your next holiday. 

There you have it my spring summer wish list, focused on timeless heritage pieces in a beige, blue and cream coloured palette. This is my true wish list, it is not sponsored, the brands I mention here, are brands I genuinely love and wear. All pieces are linked, you just have to click on the pictures if you want to shop them for yourself. Finally, I’d love to know what’s on your spring summer wish lists, so let me know in the comments down below!


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