What I’d wear in the South of France

How to get that French girl holiday look

Here’s what I’d wear in the South of France to get that perfect French girl look when visiting medieval villages and strolling along those local farmer’s markets.

A White Dress

Light colours, and especially white, are great to wear as they tend to absorb the heat of the sun less quickly than dark colours. White will also contrast beautifully against the natural colours in the South of France. These include lavender, olive green and terracotta.

A white dress is a must have on trips to Southern France as it contrast nicely against the region natural tones
A shirt dress is such a chic yet comfy option to on chilly summer evenings

Shirt Dresses

The South of France knows warm summer days with cooler nights. The perfect solution for chilly evenings are shirt dresses as they give you just that little extra warmth you need. 

When visiting the South of France in June or September you can experience what they call Mistral. This is a strong, cold wind that blows from southern France into the northern Mediterranean area. On those days a shirt dress will give you that romantic summer look whilst keeping your protected against the wind.


Linen shirts, pants and dresses are your perfect companion to keep things light and airy during those hot summer days in the South of France. And with hot, I mean HOT! Expect to have temperatures of around 30°C and above depending on the period.

Want to get that romantic Southern France girl look, here’s how!
You need a pair of white trainers, comfortable shoes, to go strolling down medieval village and farmer’s markets.

A pair of comfortable shoes

You cannot holiday in the South of France without visiting a local abbey, a farmer’s market, a vineyard or making a stroll through a medieval village. Hence why it is key to bring a pair of comfortable flat shoes in which you can walk on cobble stones, grind pathways and do so for little while. My go to when it comes to a comfortable shoe is a pair of white trainers. 

This is the perfect Tommy Hilfiger bathing suit to look fabulous when pool side in southern France

Cute swimwear

After exploring all the South of France has to offer you’re going to want to cool down by the pool looking your absolute fabulous self.

Hope I was able to inspire you with some cute outfits and useful packing tips for your upcoming journey to the South of France. If you liked the blog post, let me know by dropping a 💜 in the comments down below!


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