Nostalgia and rebellion at NYFW

Pink flower dress from Carolina Herrera SS23 |

Nostalgia and rebellion is the summary of last week’s New York Fashion Week for me. Many of the Designers who was defined true New York style are no longer officially on the runway such as Marc Jacob, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and Ralph Lauren. The oldies that are still on it like Michael Kors and Tom Ford took a trip down memory lane this year. The new kids on the block seem to have opted for a very rebellious and dark spring summer 2023. So call me old school or conservative but there is something about the oldies that just gives them that extra it of panache. Overall I was a bit underwhelmed by this edition of New York Fashion Week but here are my fave looks. 

Snake green summer dress by Michael Kors for SS23 |
Michael Kors SS23

70s Nostalgia at Michael Kors

Sexy yet classy and moreover fluid, Michael Kors has put down a collection that combines his signature tailored look with wavy beach dresses. The focal point of his collection was the body and its sensuality, each design drapes very naturally across the model’s body. It reminds 70s designers like Halston, Burrows and Gernreich, who each designed with eye on make comfortable clothing for women. 


This collection is exactly what female America needed right now considering that feminism just had to swallow a huge blow in the US as Roe v Wade got overturned. I for one would where every single piece in the collection. Kors combines boxy blazers with sensual feminine dresses. Or floral printed dresses that drape ever so flowy across the body with touches of chunky chains. Bared midriffs, décolletage and fringes provide the looks with a certain sexiness whilst remaining ever so classy.

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80s Razzle Dazzle at Tom Ford

Models walked down the runway to the tunes of 80s music with big hair and covered in colourful metallics, sequins, lace and cowboy fringed vests. Tom Ford did what he does best, Razzle Dazzle. 

This collection got me wanting to dance with somebody! This collection screamed Studio 54 with its hot pants, metallic and décolletage! Tom Ford gave us a strong woman who shouldn’t be messed with but knows how to have fun. The men’s designs were a bit more tamed yet sleekly tailored as always with Tom Ford. They even gave some Matrix Neo vibes I must say. 


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Rock and Roll hot pants outfit by Tom Ford for SS23 |
Tom Ford SS23 from
Yellow flower dress SS23 Carolina Herrera |
Carolina Herrera SS23 from

Florals at Carolina Herrera

Inspired by a secret garden, Wes Gordon, presented a true Carolina Herrera. collection at this season’s New York Fashion Week. 

This collection made me yearn for summer. It had the most romantic designs with ballon sleeves and wavy forms in the most gorgeous floral prints you can imagine. The most perfect look for a romantic summer night out.

Gordon combined the ethereal floral vibes with impeccably tailored pieces that provided a very agreeable balance. for the cherry on top he matched it all with stunning accessories. I absolutely adored each and every look!

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New York Fashion Week was all about nostalgia. Tom ford brought the razzle dazzle of the 80s while Michael Kors channeled his inner Halston and put the female body at the centre of his designs.


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