How to dress appropriately at any occasion

key to being stylish is being dressed for the occasion, out with the dog in the cotswolds calls for wellies

The key to being stylish is to dress appropriately for every occasion. Although this may sound easy, it is often more tricky than it seems. The more you travel and get around the better you get at dressing appropriately for the various situations life will bring you. In this blog post I’ll share a few tricks and insights I’ve learned over the years.

key to being stylish is being dressed for the occasion, out with the dog in the cotswolds calls for wellies
Walking the dog in the cotswolds

Start with a strong foundation

There’s nothing stylish about having sore, wet or cold feet. Being stylish starts with feeling good and yes being comfortable helps A LOT. Heels or high fashion shoes of any sort are therefore not always your best choice. Opt for a classic white trainer when you know a lot of walking will be involved.

A ballet flat is the perfect solution to be elegant and comfortable. When out in the country side opt for a more sturdy rain and mud proof option. Believe me when I say that you’ll make a more stylish impression with wellies and dry feet!

When in doubt layer up

Always check the weather when planning your outfits. There’s nothing stylish about freezing your butt off or sweating it up. This will also inform you what kind of coat – rain proof, warm or very light – you need to take. Yes, the weather is not always easy to interpret. When in doubt layer up, this will give you options throughout the day so you can easily adjust.

Astrid hiking along the Saguenay river |
Hiking in Canada on a day with changeable weather
The key to being stylish is dressing for the occasion, here’s what I’d wear on a cafe in milan
Sipping a cappucino at a café in Milan

Know your scene

To quote Coco Chanel, you can be overdressed and it is not stylish. Therefore it is important to know the scene and your crowd. I’m a keen supporter of business appropriate wear for the office, however, when the company culture is to wear jeans and a formal blouse then don’t show up in a suit or dress. 

I work for an international manufacturer and will dress up when I’m visiting headquarters and dress down when I’m meeting at our plants. Same goes for social occasions some groups, bars or restaurants require a more dressy outfit than others. 

What I’d wear…

Are you still lost as to how to look stylish at all occasions? Don’t fret! I got your back. Check out the following examples for some of the most common situations you’ll be facing in life. Keep an eye on my socials for a new style series I’m kicking off called “What I’d wear…” this series will be a guide for you to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Further it will act as an outfit inspiration look book. Finally, it will show case you how I mix, match and leverage my sustainable wardrobe to create a stylish outfit for any occasion with limited yet high quality pieces.

Being stylish means dressing appropriately, this is what i’d wear to a summer music festival
Summer Music Festival
Being stylish means dressing appropriately, here’s what I’d wear trolling along the French Riviera
French Riviera
Casual Friday at the Office

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