Grateful for 2022 and excited to grow in 2023

Astrid looking forward to the 2023 season of Ode2Style

I am filled with gratitude for everything 2022 has given me. At the same time, I look forward to 2023 and all the new adventures it holds. At the start of this new year i’d like to say thanks for an amazing 2022 and set out my aspirations for 2023!

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2022, a year of becoming

At the start of 2022 I thought that creating Ode2Style would be the most exciting thing that would happen all year. Yet 2022 turned out to be an absolute rollercoaster of a year. Filled to the brim with new adventures and experiences, I feel so grateful for it. I mean it was not even Mid-February when my partner, now fiancé, made me the luckiest girl on earth. He did so by asking me to marry him in the city of light, Paris. Whenever, I think of that moment I cannot help but smile, it was beyond anything I could have dreamed of. If you missed the story about our engagement, check out the “Wedding” section on Ode2Style

After getting engaged it did not take long for us to become a family. Oh yes, I became the proud mum of a four legged cream coloured golden retriever named Whiskey. While I’m writing this he’s having what seems to be the best nap ever right next to me. Whiskey has brought so much joy, warmth and love in our lives. Words cannot express how much I love him, and if you want to know what it’s like getting a pup you can check it our here. 

But before our boy arrived we had time for one more big adventure, just the two of us. Which was our Canada road trip. That trip was such an amazing experience. With its breathtaking nature, historical sites and its vibrant cities where you can enjoy the most delicious food and drinks, Canada really does have it all. 

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Excited for 2023

If 2022 was a year of becoming, becoming a content creator, a fiancée and a dog mum; then I believe 2023 will be a year of growth. I aspire to grow Ode2Style and bring you more and better content. This year I’d like to focus on what it takes to create a signature style. How to decide which pieces you need, which brands you’d incorporate and how to build a consistent lifestyle around it. 

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With one and half year to go until our wedding, there will be lots to prepare and organise. Stay tuned, because I do plan on taking you along for the ride. Let’s be honest, if there is one thing that is a reflection of one’s style it’s a wedding.

Finally, I look forward to find balance in all my new roles, being a fiancée, a dog mum, a blogger and still working my day job. Although, I absolutely love my little white tornado, he was just that. A tornado that knocked me out of balanced and challenged my status quo. 

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Thank you

For being a part of Ode2Style

Finally I’d like to end by saying thank you! Thank you for the love and engagement you have shown Ode2Style and me throughout the year. I know I have enjoyed myself exploring the content creator life and creating all these blog posts for you. I look forward to bring you more and better content in 2023. I also hope my stories and experiences on creating a balanced, conscious lifestyle for myself will be a source of inspiration to you in 2023. From my family to yours, I wish you all the best!

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Welcoming January: A Blank Canvas of Winter Elegance

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