Top 10 Things to do in Eastern Canada

Astrid overlooking gorgeous Canadian Mountain View in Mont Tremblant |

Our trip to Eastern Canada was nothing short of amazing so I thought I’d list my top 10 for those of you planning to go there. A truly diverse country, Canada has lots to offer from vibrant city life to historical sites, breathtaking nature and gorgeous wildlife. These were my 10 highlights in no particular order, since I wasn’t able to decide on rank. 

Astrid in a canoe paddling through the 1000 islands, Canada |

1000 Islands Kayaking

About three hours driving from Montreal is Gananoque, the gate way to the 1000 Islands. The best way to explore these beautiful islands and the wildlife that inhabitants them is by kayak.

We headed out with a picnic and rented a kayak for the day at 1000 Islands Kayaking. Most of the islands are private property, owned by locals and Americans, but some are public and provide the possibility to picnic and/or camp. Besides the breathtaking scenery there is quite some wildlife to find too. We came across a water snake, an otter, a racoon and turtles. Don’t forget to pack enough water and sunscreen as you will need it!

Whale Watching in Tadoussac

Saguenay is the most southern fjord of Canada. At the end of the fjord, the Saguenay river culminates into the St Lawrence river, creating a riptide and thus very food rich waters for whales and seals alike. 

At the tip of the fjord lies a town called Tadoussac from where a variety of whale watching cruises and boats leave. We took the 3-hour zodiac tour from AML Croissières and it was unreal! We saw a family of Beluga whales, several minke whales, a school of grey seals and some brown seals tanning at the shoreline. being able to witness these animals in their natural habitat was out of this world and something I’ll never forget. 

Astrid at Tadoussac, Canada |
Astrid hiking up Mont Tremblant, Canada |

Hiking at Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is hiker’s Disneyland in the summer. Inspired by European ski resorts the town offers a lot of restaurants and shops, next to several hiking trails of various difficulty degrees. Almost all hikes will bring you to the top of Mont Tremblant where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding lake and valley and take the cable lift back down. The nature, waterfalls, hidden lakes and stunning views along the way will make sure you forget all about that office job at home!

Astrid in front of Parliament Hill, Ontario Canada |

House of Commons, Ottawa

Ottawa is the Capital of Canada and a stop worth making as it offers some very interesting cultural and historical sites for you to visit. My absolute favourite was the House of Commons. Parliament Hill by itself is quite impressive and provides a spectacular intro to your visit. Regular tours in English and French are held for you to buy tickets for. Not often have we done a tour that was genuinely so interesting, and fun. Big kudos to the young students that provide the tours. 

Niagara Falls & Ontario-On-The-Lake

When visiting the eastern part of Canada, one must make a stop at the Niagara Falls. A true force of nature, the Falls are a pretty impressive sight and real must-see. They are located on the border between Canada and the United States. The Canadian side also known as the horseshoe provides the most beautiful view. When visiting the falls make sure to also take a look at the white water boardwalk as well as the journey behind the falls. It’s a guaranteed splashing success!

Astrid on the boardwalk near the Niagara River, Canada |
Astrid & Christian at the Niagara Falls, Canada |
Niagara Falls, Canada |

Oh Canada

Land of Big Lakes

Canada might not be offering sun kissed beaches but its lakes are like none you have seen before! Make sure to bring your bathing suit, go grab a picnic, a bottle a beer or wine and spend a sunny afternoon by the lake. It might take a few minutes to get over the mushy lake floor but ones your past that, it’s pure joy!

Astrid on a deck at Lac de Sable in Tadoussac, Canada |

Walking with Huskies

If you like dogs as much as we do, you will love this! In winter these babies pull sleds, but over summer you can take them for about an hours guided walk. Each of you gets a dog that matches your own body weight, which is needed since they can pull three times their own weight. For several times during the walk the dogs are let go so they can enjoy a swim or just play around. 

Montreal's Botanical Garden

A hidden gem just outside of Montreal’s city centre are the Botanical Garden. Make sure to carve out several hours and wear good shoes. You can easily spend 3 to 4 hours walking through the various continents in Montreal’s Botanical Garden. Especially the indigenous garden in summer is absolutely stunning. Also don’t forget to take a look at the greenhouses on your way back out. 



Quebec City

Quebec City and more specifically Old Quebec is a historical playground for anyone interested in exploring the French and English ties and history of Canada. Learn more about how the English beat the French at the planes of Abraham. Get to know the first French speaking Canadian Battalion at the city’s still active Citadelle. Walk along the St Lawrence on the Boardwalk to Le Chateau Frotenac. Moreover, enjoy the amazing restaurants old town has to offer such Rioux & Petigrew, Bo and Il Teatro. 


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