3 easy steps to find your style

Binge watch fashion month, create a style Board and analyse these are 3 easy steps that will help you find your style

Binge watch Fashion Month, create a style board and analyse, these 3 easy steps will help you find your style. So many of you ask me: “Where do I start to find my style? How to do I do that?” Many struggle to define their style, when the answer is right in front of them: Fashion Month. Yes you hear that right! Fashion Month is a great place to start discovering your own personal style. Here are 3 easy step on how to find your style before the end of Fashion Month. 

Bella Hadid in snake green dress fromVictoria Beckham | Ode2style.com
Victoria Beckham SS 2023

Step 1: Watch as many Fashion Shows as you can.

Lauren Hutton once said “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose.” And you are in luck, Fashion Month is kicking off on Friday February 10, 2023 with New York Fashion Week. So, take full advantage this month to watch as many shows and discover as many designers as you can to figure out what you like or in other words what it is you choose! 

Tip: Check out the following YouTube Channels FF Chanel and A Fashion

Step 2: Create a Style board with all your favourite looks

Whether it is with Pinterest or Canva make a collage from your favourite looks. You will get a board that reflects what you choose. Together, these pictures will slowly but surely reveal certain aspects that make up your style. 

Tip: Don’t be too picky at the beginning. You want quite a number of pictures on your board. 



| Ode2style.com
MaxMara SS 2023
Beige women's suit look from the Ferragamo SS23 Collection | Ode2style.com
Ferragamo SS 2023

Step 3: Analyse and find yourself in your board

Once you have a good number of picture, take a good look at your board. Analyse it, try to seek common themes. What kind of colours do you see? What kind of silhouettes? What is the vibe? what kind of fabrics are recurring?

By analysing your board you will get a first good sense of what your style looks like. This board will act as an inspiration, a guiding star that will help you make deliberate fashion choices. 
Tip: Be mindful to look for common themes and not just cool trend pieces. 

Fashion Month

What you need to know

For those less familiar with the concept of Fashion Month here are some basics you need to know. For starters every February designers present their autumn/winter (AW) collections of the upcoming AW season. while in September designers present that Spring/Summer (SS) collections.

Fashion month kicks off in New York with the American designers and Houses followed by London Fashion Week, then Milan Fashion Week and finally Paris Fashion Week with all the French Fashion Houses. Not so long ago these events were extremely exclusive, only those privileged by a personal invitation were able to see the show. 

Thank god for the age of social media that democratised Fashion Month as many designers and Fashion Houses now live stream their catwalk shows and even post them on Youtube for you to see at your convenience. 

Gigi Hadid in suit look for Victoria Beckham SS23 | Ode2style.com
Victoria Beckham SS 2023

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