This is the BIG 3-0, thirty!

Astrid lounging on a deck at Lac de Sable, Saguenay, Canada |

This is it, the BIG 3-0, thirty! I can’t believe it has been more than a week already since my birthday. The past week and a half have been rather crazy, more on that in a later blog. It seems just yesterday that I considered thirty somethings to be old! Yet, the closer it got, the less daunting it seemed. I honestly think it’s the first time ever on my birthday that I had the feeling like let’s bring this year on! Let me tell you why. 

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Take me or leave me

Few months ago, I was at a party where a bunch of women in their late twenties were saying how daunting the BIG 3-0, thirty, sounded. They were nostalgic for their early twenties. I, on the other hand, could not relate. My teens and early twenties were all about me not really knowing who I am. I was very insecure and constantly worried about what other people might say or think of me, scared of being alone. A fear that was a direct result of being bullied as a teenager.  

I wish I could tell you that now I’m thirty, I’m super confident and fierce but that would be a lie. However, I did find a calm, a sort of acceptance. Today I have a much better understanding of who I am, and I feel good, proud even of the person I have become. Although, I still sometimes fear the opinions of others, I don’t feel the need to please others anymore. I have found an acceptance about who I am and the choices I make which provides me with the courage to unapologetically chase my dreams. 

Building my castle​

Another reason why I prefer the BIG 3-0 over my early twenties or teens is because today I own my dream castle. I’m super grateful for all the support and chances my parents have ever given me, and are still giving me. And yes, there are certain perks about Hotel Mum that I miss from time to time. However, there comes a time to leave the parental nest and start building your own dream castle. 

As I sit here in our living room, and look around me I cannot feel more blessed. Last year, my partner and I  bought the house of our dreams. Although, we have done a lot of decorating already, we still have many plans for the house to turn it completely into our little piece of heaven on earth. Being able to design, renovate & decorate our house is one of my favourite things. I know, call me old, but home deco gets me super excited and I love it!

Astrid watches the Saguenay River |
Astrid biking along le petit train du nord in Mont Tremblant |

Everlasting adventure

Mostly what I love about the BIG 3-0, thirty, is that I’m financially capable of chasing my dreams and adventures. Whether that is going for dinner in a new trendy restaurant opening in Antwerp or going on a 3-week road trip through Canada. The world is my oyster and if I work hard, I can explore it to the fullest. The end of my twenties has been absolutely enriching, regardless of the covid pandemic, I had so many adventure with my partner in crime. I just cannot wait to see what my thirties have ins tore for me, but with a wedding being planned and fluffy new adventure in the works it is bound to be EPIC!

So to all women turning 30 this year, I say you are badass! Know that the world is there for you to explore whether you already found your partner in crime or are still looking for that special someone. Don’t hold back, chase your dreams, be bold, brave and vulnerable! Know that we’re all trying to get a hang of this thing called adulthood without a manual. Yes, it can be amazing and at the same time scary as hell, that’s the beauty of it. 

“I wish I could tell you that now I’m thirty, I’m super confident and fierce but that would be a lie. However, I did find a calm, a sort of acceptance.”

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