Take a deep breath and re-energise

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Sometimes you just need a moment to take a deep breath and re-energise. I needed such a moment recently. 2022 has been a proper rollercoaster so far: I started my blog, I got engaged, we booked our Canada trip and so much more. In the past 2 weeks I’ve slept in 4 different beds in 3 different countries, meeting up with colleagues, family and friends. While I love every bit of my action packed life, sometimes I just need to take a deep breath, be quiet and re-energise. 

Astrid in Yoga clothes from Stronger with a fruity print | Ode2style.com

When life gets a bit too much

In today’s world we often only share the positive and exciting things that are happening. Yet life is more than that! It’s messy, confusing and can get overwhelming. I promised to share all of it on this blog so let’s talk about those overwhelming moments. 

Like most of you, I’m balancing a job, a partner, a household, family, friends and hobbies at any given time and day. And while I enjoy all that it does get overwhelming at times and I just feel exhausted. 

Over the past two weeks I had to travel several times for work, we spend a weekend at the beach with family and we had a bunch of things to arrange for the wedding location (yes we found one, more to come soon!). Whilst I love every bit of my action packed schedule, these last few weeks things got a bit too much. When that happens I sort of go into overdrive and my energy and creativity decrease. I literally have too much on my head to even get a word down on paper, I just freeze.

Finding the courage to say “no”

As I grow older I recognise these moments faster. They also occur more often as I have more responsibilities to manage. I mean where are the days that your biggest worry was what that cute boy in class thought about you? Initially, I felt guilty for saying “no” to the people and things I love. I felt I was letting them down but my energy was just so low, I couldn’t. Today, I’ve learned that there’s no guilt in saying “no!”. I figured out that in order to give energy to those around me, I need to have energy in the first place. So, when my cup is empty, it’s time to stop pouring and run for a refill.

As humans we are not built to be at our ‘A’ game at all times. We need to flow. It is absolutely normal to long for a day where you can just be and not have a to-do list to complete. Even more so, it is in those quiet moments that our creativity tends to thrive and new ideas come to mind. So, I won’t apologise for not having posted as much recently. Ode2Style is my passion, my hobby and I’m still very committed to share all the ins and outs of fashion, beauty & lifestyle with you. This is me delivering on my promise of sharing all of it, also the tough parts. So yes, I haven’t posted for a while, but I have been taking time to refill my cup and my content inspiration.

Astrid in yoga pose wearing fruit printed sports set from stronger | Ode2style.com
Astrid wearing fruit printed sports bra and trousers from stronger in warrior pose on a yoga mat | Ode2style.com

How do I refill my cup?

There are several things that help me refill my cup. When things get hectic, chances are I’m not taking time to work-out, step on my yoga mat, go for a walk or read. So the first thing for me to recharge is have a weekend with nothing planned where I can sleep in. Have the time to enjoy a long breakfast with my partner and work-out. We’ll go for walks either in nature or head out into the city for a coffee and some shopping. If the sun is shining there is nothing better than enjoying our beautiful garden. Don’t have an entire weekend? Take a self-care evening. Run yourself a nice warm bath, with some lavender scent. Pamper yourself with a face mask and/or a body scrub and just relax. 

Remember life is a marathon, not a sprint. So make sure to take a deep breath and re-energise at times. It’s okay to say “no” and take it easy whenever you feel like you need to. Allow yourself to not have a plan and refill your cup. Know that you are not the only one that gets overwhelmed every now and then, it’s perfectly normal. 

“Remember life is a marathon, not a sprint. So make sure to take a deep breath and re-energise at times. It’s okay to say: No!“

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