Must-See for the Period Drama lover

Since Netflix is removing Sense & Sensibility from its offering I believe it is time to share my list of must-see Period Dramas.

Netflix is removing Sense & Sensibility from its offering by the end of the month. Yes you read that correctly and I’d like to take the occasion to share my list of must-see Period Dramas. This post is one for the hopeless romantics among you that love to dream of luxurious dresses, decadent balls and finding that One True love. 

For romantics who love intensely and fiercely, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy are your eternal match.
Scene from pride & Prejudice

The Classics

Well, Sense & Sensibility is an urgent must-see given the situation. Let yourself be enchanted by a young Hugh Grant and a dashing Emma Thompson. Find out whether you are more of a Sir Willoughby or a Colonel Brandon girl before it is too late!

The classic of all classics is without a doubt Pride & Prejudice, based on the namesake book of Jane Austen. A headstrong Elizabeth Bennet and Proud Mr Darcy show us there’s a fine line between love and hate.

However, not all classics are mere love stories. Little Women tells the story of three strong young women determined to make their own way in the 1800’s. Talking about strong women, Mary Queen of Scots covers what is probably the most iconic battle between two female regents in history. 

The Modern Period Drama

Take all the success ingredients of a Period Drama, the dresses, the balls, the gentlemen and outrageous manors. Then add a touch of Sex And The City and a dash of Gossip Girl. The result? Bridgerton. Witty Lady Whistledown follows the ins and outs of the elite families as they unite for the annual Season of balls and dinner parties.

For the rebels among you, there’s the new Apple TV show The Buccaneers. It follows five young American ladies whom are being shipped off to England to find themselves a Lord. However, if you prefer a more raw and real love story that is still modern and witty, Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton story will be the perfect match for you.

For the gossip girlie that is also into period drama Bridgerton provides the perfect balance between wit and sexiness.
Scene from Bridgerton S1
For those who like their period drama full of sassy wits and mischief, the Buccaneers is the show for you
Scene from Apple TV’s The Buccaneers
For the period drama lover that also enjoys solving puzzles and riddles Enola Holmes is your match
Scene from Enola Holmes 2

The Period Drama Mystery

If you love yourself a good riddle or puzzle to solve, then you should watch Enola Holmes. In this film, Millie Bobby Brown aspires to follow in her brother’s footsteps as a detective. Moreover, said brother is played by no other then the dashing Henry Cavill (IYKYK).

Finally, there’s Lidia Poet, who is fighting the good fight against the old Patriarchy whilst solving murder mysteries and defending the innocent.

Hopefully, this list of romantic, tantalising, exciting, decadent and mysterious Period Dramas was of use to you. I for sure enjoyed watching every single one of these films and TV shows. What better thing to do than curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, a furry – or not so furry – friend and some good old Period Drama on those dreadful rainy days this season. Let me know which one you enjoyed most in the comments below!

I love period drama because everyone is so restrained, but they have all these emotions raging underneath. - Jenna Coleman

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