I haven’t used Mascara in a week, here’s why!

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I haven’t used Mascara since I had my lashes lifted and my brows shaped. This is such a game changer, especially if you are a busy bee like me yet want to look fresh and put together at all times. Honestly, I am usually hesitant to try out beauty treatments that go beyond skincare products. Since I believe some of you share that my fear of what might go wrong I thought I’d share my experience.

The key to beauty

A Trusted Partner

I have a terrible fear of going home looking like one of those naked cats or the opposite, a yeti. For long, I have searched for a trusted beauty partner. When I stepped into Artistry Beauty Clinic a few months ago to get my nails done, I knew I had struck gold. Stephanie van Bockryck is a kick ass female entrepreneur who founded Artistry Beauty Clinic several years ago. Working at a women’s shelter during her training, she quickly realised that it wasn’t just the beauty treatments that made women shine. Beauty and happiness come from within.

Stephanie therefore set out to create a space where women could come to pamper their body and soul. The vibe in this salon is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. Every visit feels like a night with the girls. Remember those teenage sleepovers when you and your bestie would smear squashed banana over each others faces while talking about anything from clothes to boys? Well, take that same warmhearted feeling and replace the banana squash by top of the line professional treatments and the result is, Artistry Beauty Clinic.

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Stephanie van Bockryck from Artistry Beauty Clinic
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Looking bright without mascara

Ever since I can remember my beauty hair and beauty choices have had one goal. I want to enhance my natural beauty so I can look my best and I’d like to do so with minimal effort. Especially now that I’m working from home so often. I just can’t get myself to go through a full make-up on, make-off routine every day. Moreover, I find removing mascara to be a very unpleasant process. Yet, I do feel I just look more fresh and awake whilst wearing mascara. So when I saw lash lift onto Artistry’s treatment menu, I had to try it!  The result was absolutely amazing! My lashes are super long right now and have a gorgeous black tint. Giving me that mascara-effect all day every day without having to use my make-up remover in the evening.

Close your eyes bright eyes

During the lash lift you need to keep your eyes close for about one hour.  Your eyes get covered with a type of lid. On top of this lid the lashes are spread out to treat them. In all fairness this is what freaked me out most about the treatment. I never thought I could keep my eyes closed for so long. Surprisingly, enough this went quiet well, the lids don’t feel uncomfortable and Stephanie really made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Next they clean your lashes before applying the products. The first product gives the lift to your lashes. This product has an outspoken scent. It’s a bit smelly but it fades quickly so it didn’t really bother. After the lift has set, the colour is applied. This is what gives that real mascara effect. Wait to dry, take of the lids et voilà! After the treatment you are not allowed to wet your lashes for 24h. You also get a little brush to comb them with every day for a long lasting effect.


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Close up of Astrid after a browshaping and lashlift treatment at Artistry | Ode2style.com
Close up of Astrid after a browshaping and lashlift treatment at Artistry | Ode2style.com

Brow Au Natural

Although, the sleek and skinny brow is popping up again, we are mostly seeing a very natural brow that has some volume. Which was exactly what I was aiming for. Brow shaping does not change you natural brow, it aims to groom. First Stephanie combs and cuts the hairs that are too long with scissors. Then your brow hairs are coloured. This s out some of the lighter hairs that might not otherwise be so visible. This leaves you often with a bit of a thicker brow. Then the brow is is groomed in shaped with wax and tweezers and that’s it!

Effortlessly clean chic look

We are now two weeks after I had the treatment done and I still haven’t used any mascara. Your lashes and brows are the cornerstones to giving you a fresh sleek look. Now that I have them lifted and shaped, I only need my skincare and some foundation. On the days that I do want a little extra I add some powder and blush, perhaps some eye shadow and I have a full look.

“Your lashes and brows are the cornerstones to a fresh sleek look. Having them lifted and shaped, allows me to look clean and chic with just some skincare and foundation.”

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