How being a dog mum changed me

Being a dog mum has taught has changed me

Being a dog mum has changed me and enriched my life to a degree that is hard to put in words. However, whilst I sit here in the most adorable Cotswolds cottage, Whiskey gently snoring to me, I’ll try to share just how my dog changed me.

Whiskey has brought so much joy into our lives being silly

Joyful Shenanigans

Whiskey has brought a joy into my life that I have never felt before. Since he joined our family, I wake up every day to my own tail-wagging cheerleader. Dogs might not be able to speak but boy when they are happy they show it. Moreover their joy is so infectious that even on the poorest of moments you cannot but join their happiness and laugh. 

Seeing him running and rolling happily around the hills and meadows of the cotswolds fills my heart with joy. Not to mention all the silly shenanigans and mischief he gets himself into on a daily basis. You could be enjoying your coffee while suddenly you see him parading down the garden with a stick three times his size, or wait was that one of the recently planted trees?!

Being in the moment

Whiskey has such an intense way of experiencing and just being. He’s the absolute happiest when he can be out and about sniffing the grass. Same goes for enjoying your company, being close to you, without expecting anything from other than being present. This is probably one of the most beautiful things my dog taught me in the 7 months he’s been with us. The warmth and love you feel when he sits next to you or as he is now lying near me is heartwarming. 

When you get a dog you are going to be out and about a lot more. Consequently, you will rediscover nature. Moreover you will notice nature in a more deliberate and detailed manner as you observe your dogs’ sniffs and way of exploring. Being in touch with nature more closely provides such relief and calm. Because of this, I have found a new balance in my life.  
Whiskey will just be there, sit in the couch with me without expectations, a true sign of uncondtional love.

An unconditional love

Although generally speaking I’d say Whiskey’s love goes through his stomach, I mean the boy really likes his chicken, he gives so much love to those around him. Dogs are incredibly empathic and compassionate. They feel when you are down and will come to console you. They will amplify your joyous and happy moments and protect you when in danger.

Did you know that when dogs have to poop they are at their most vulnerable so they’ll look at you for protection. Now guess what? They return the favour! That’s why they follow you to the bathroom and guard the door. When you have a dog you will always have someone in your corner, no matter what. 

Mama Bear

Finally, I’ve learned a lot about myself from Whiskey. As in many ways our dogs are a mirror image of ourselves. Mostly though, I learned that I’m extremely protective of those I love and of Whiskey. And that love is so strong that when required I can find the strength to do about anything. 

Many of you might not have a dog and will be thinking, what is she yapping on about. Perhaps you have kids and you recognise some of it in your relationship with them. Maybe it inspires you to get a dog, who knows. If none of this apply then I hope it was a reminder for you to step out and smell the beautifully spring air, notice the spring bloom and love unconditionally. 

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