My review of the Chanel N°1 skincare line

Bottle of Chanel N°1 serum |

At the start of 2022, Chanel launched its new N°1 de Chanel beauty line. A new generation of sustainable, anti-ageing skincare and beauty products with at their center extract of the red camelia flower. The launch was paired with a ginormous social media campaign and I must say I was intrigued, so I decided to try it out!


I have a sensitive skin and therefore don’t easily change my skincare routine. For the past 3-5 years I have been a loyal user of the Dior Capture Youth skincare line. However, since 2022 has been the year of new beginnings and adventures for me I felt like trying something new. I bought the Chanel N°1 revitalising serum and cream to get myself started and I am very happy with the results. After almost one month of using both products every morning and evening alongside a good skin cleansing routine, my skin looks clear, fresh and radiant. Some of the breakouts I had from stress and wearing a face mask have resided yet my redness is still there. What I especially liked is the automatic dosing of the Chanel N°1 serum. When you turn the cap to open it, the pipette automatically fills with just enough serum for you to use. The Chanel N°1 cream is quite thick and heavy, giving your skin a really nice and hydrated feel without making the skin greasy. The Camelia’s revitalising power works to prevent and correct the 5 signs of ageing, making it a great product for people around their thirties. I would not recommend the cream for those seeking to reverse the effects of ageing, in that sense the line is very similar to Dior’s Capture Youth line.

Sustainable Packaging

The usage of the Camélia flower in skincare is nothing new, and many other brands have been making efforts to make their skincare lines more sustainable but what made me try this one is that Chanel did it with Style. I mean look at those gorgeous red bottles!

The packaging is absolutely stunning, moreover they are designed with a reduced carbon footprint. The black lids are made with 90% bio-based materials, 10% of which are derived from camellias, to increase the yield Chanel has from the flower and reduce waste. The Chanel N°1 cream comes in a pot that is crafted with lighter-weight glass and is refillable, which if done twice cuts gas emissions by half. Finally, the products are no longer wrapped in cellophane and don’t come with a paper leaflet inside, instead a QR code is printed on the package with organic ink, providing the product information digitally. Accessing the code has been super simple.

Chanel N° 1 serum and cream in the bathroom |
Chanel Camelia flower |

The Camélia Flower & Chanel

Looking at how our climate has changed in the past few years and the recent storms (Eunice & Franklin) that passed by Belgium, I can only support initiative to improve eco-friendliness of the products we consume. I believe we need to make a change for the better when it comes to climate, and every little step helps. Knowing that the skincare brands I’m using are aligned with my values and style is important to me. 

Finally, I love how Chanel succeeded in uniting its heritage style with the brand’s future vision in this new line. The camelia, is one of many enduring symbols of the House of Chanel. It is believed that Coco’s love for the camelia rooted from memories she had from stylish young men who wore them on the lapels of their jackets. Others, think she was inspired by the novel of Alexandre Dumas, La Dame aux Camélias. So tell me will you be a Dame aux Camélias?

“N°1 de Chanel works to prevent and correct the 5 signs of ageing whilst the packaging of the line is designed with a reduced carbon footprint. ”

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