Spending an autumn weekend in Rome

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Italy is by far my favourite food and wine country in the world and the people are so open and kind. So when the opportunity arose last October we booked a short-stay in Rome. Home of the Vatican, Bulgari, the Colosseum and the birthplace of modern day civilisation, Rome does have it all, here are some of my personal highlights.

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Rome breaths culture

Let’s start with culture, a visit to the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum is absolutely worth it. We tend to visit cultural sites when we are travelling and these are the by the best preserved not to say the best we have seen. Walking through the Forum Romanum, you can really feel the vibe of an ancient Roman town. It’s like stepping into your high school history book. I can also highly recommend visiting Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum, however, due to the religious nature of these sights this might not be for you. If you do decide to visit the Sistine Chapel I recommend doing so with a guide.

From culture to fashion, Rome is the birthplace of jewellery brand Bulgari. In 1884 Sotirios Voulgaris opened his first jewellery store on Via Sistina 85. Bulgari is derived from the founders last name and usually written as BVLGARI, replacing the U by a V to pay hommage to the classical Latin Alphabet. Over the years the Bulgari brand succeeded in expanding globally and diversifies by adding luxury leather goods, sunglasses and perfume to its portfolio. In 2011, the Bulgari family signs a deal with world’s leading luxury group LVMH. The family sells its controlling stake in Bulgari in exchange for 3% share in LVMH, making them the second largest stakeholder after the Arnaults. In light of the brand’s 130th anniversary Bulgari reimagined its flagship store on the Via Condotti with the help of architect Peter Marino. The Via Condotti, is a must-see for anyone who adores fashion as it contains the greatest number of Rome-based Italian fashion retailers.

Once you are hungry from all the shopping at Via Condotti, take a seat at Rimessa Roscioli. Alessandro Pepe created Rimessa Roscioli based on all the things he looked for in a night out with friends: taste good wines and foods, connecting with other people, having a cultural experience and looking for the unexpected. I promise you will have the best Italian food and wine experience at Rimessa Roscioli paired with some true Italian warm-heartedness. We chose the wine and food tasting dinner and it was absolutely divine, every dish that came onto the table was delicious. Make sure to try out the Tagliolini cacio e pepe, it is to die for!

When in Rome

Gelato at Trevi

For the romantics out there who are not ready to call it a night yet, I’d say head out to the Trevi Fountain for the perfect evening cup of gelato. The fountain gets lit at night and it is a truly magical sight to see and on occasion you’ll be able to witness a marriage proposal. If you are looking for a drink, you can head over to Trastevere where all the cool kids hang. There is something for everyone, Rome really does have it all!

Trevi Fountain in Rome by night | Ode2style.com
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