3 reasons why I love Lumene skin care products

Collection of miniature Lumene skincare products

Sustainably sourced ingredients that give you the perfect radiant glow, and all of that at an affordable price point. These are the 3 reasons why I’m loving Lumene skin care products. Throughout December, I have been testing a variety of Lumene’s beauty and skin care products. The more I learned about it, the more excited I got to share my experience and tell you more about this sustainable skin care brand!

Picture of the Lumene 2022 advent calendar with some of its products on display
Lumene Advent Calendar

In search of something new

Lately, I have been spending more and more time outdoors on countryside walks, playing with the dog or tending to our garden. Consequently, I have been looking for beauty and skincare products to protect and support my skin through those crispy cold winter mornings as well as sun covered afternoons.

Lumene, inspired by arctic nature

I came across Lumene via social media. It is a Finnish beauty and skin care brand. It draws its inspiration from arctic nature with its unbroken winter darkness followed by months of 24-hours summer light to provide luminous beauty. Moreover, the brand is a true leader in sustainable and circular economy within the beauty industry. 

Putting Lumene products to the test

When they launched their advent calendar for 2022, I saw it as a great opportunity to try their products. And so I have been trying out Lumene skin care products for the past month. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see the thickness of day creams and the quality of the eye creams. After a week and a half my skin was looking dewy and had this health glow. Further, my redness reduced and I felt more confident about my skin without make-up on. Even though it was freezing outside, my skin felt hydrated and soft at all times. Whereas I would usually be experiencing dried out and painful skin this time of year. 

Glowing and hydrated skin

Lumene’s Nordic-C products give your skin a vitamin C boost. This is what gives your sin that healthy dewy glow. Whilst the Arctic Hydra Care rich day cream is a thick, buttery cream that keeps your skin hydrated and protected during those frosty winter days. In fact this has become my favourite of all the Lumene products I tested. It really provides that intense hydrating protective layer. The moisturisers, on the other hand, are often more runny and light. For me they are a better option during summer.

Bright eyes and youthful complexion

Personally, I find that the key to a radiant look are bright looking eyes. Lumene’s Nordic Bloom eye cream is a new essential in my skin care bag. Its pre-retinol compound derived from Nordic Berries improved the skin tone around my eyes and takes away any puffiness. Leaving me with vibrant looking eyes, no matter how late I got into bed the night before. 

I do believe there are better and more complete serums on the market than those from Lumene.  Nevertheless, the Nordic Ageless Radiant Youth Night Elixir puts the beauty into beauty sleep. It really helps you to wake up with a youthful freshness. 

Tube of Lumene (Lumo) Nordic Bloom Anti-wrinkle & firm moisturising eye cream
Lumene Nordic Bloom Eye Cream
Picture of Nordic Berries in the wild
Ⓒ Lumene Nordic Berries

High performance skincare for a better future

Lumene derives its name after lake Lummennne, located in Kuhmoinen, Central Finland. Lumen also means Light in Latin. Ever since the brand’s founding in 1970, it has been committed to be sustainable. 

At the start of the millennium it started to utilise Nordic berries in its formulations which were hand-picked and wild grown in Finland. In 2009 it used 100% sustainable hydroelectricity for its production. Just 1 year later Lumene started its WaterSmart program, reducing its water consumption. Today, Lumene products contain up to 99% naturally derived ingredients. 100% of their skin care and foundation formulas are vegan. Moreover, 50% of the Nordic ingredients used are developed from side-streams from other industries.

Value for Money

Lumene products are premium quality, they have a rich texture and are effective. Yet, with a price point of  about €20 to €50 for a day cream, they are not premium priced. At first, I could not believe it, the price to quality ratio is absolutely amazing! Especially considering that they are not just effective but also sustainable.

Therefore, if you want hydrated, glowing skin and sustainability is important to you. Then I can highly recommend Lumene to you. A brand that harnesses the power of natural wild-crafted Nordic ingredients to provide luminous beauty. Finally, I’m linking my 3 favourite Lumene products below that I’ll be topping up for sure!

Picture of Lumene (Ajaton) Nordic Ageless radiant Youth Night Elixir
Ⓒ Lumene
Picture of Lumene (Lumo) Nordic Bloom anti-wrinkle & firm eye cream
Ⓒ Lumene
Picture of Lumene (Arktis) Arctic Hydra Care Moisture & Relief Rich Day Cream
Ⓒ Lumene

Sustainably sourced ingredients that give you the perfect radiant glow, and all that at an affordable price point. These are the 3 reasons why I love Lumene skin care products.

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