3 clothing care gadgets to always look impeccable

Steamery gadgets help you take care of your clothes so you can extend their life cycle and always look impeccable

These 3 clothing care gadgets will make you look impeccable at all times. Pillage, dust, lint or pet hair will ruin the appearance of any well styled outfit. With these clothing care gadgets you’ll always be walking out of the door looking impeccable.

Pilo 1 fabric shaver from steamery helps you to remove pillage from knitwear
Steamery Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver in grey

Use a fabric shaver to remove pillage

Pilling is a natural process that even happens to the most luxurious fabrics including cashmere. Unfortunately it can make your garments look worn out. Yet, don’t fret as there’s a way to restore your well-loved jumper to its original glory.

With a fabric shaver you can easily and safely remove pillage to improve the appearance of your garments. I personally use the Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver from Steamery. It is super easy to use, clean and charge. In all honesty, the whole process is rather satisfying. I promise you’ll be looking for jumpers in your closet to shave before you know it!

Keep a lint brush at the door

Since last Summer we have a gorgeous Golden Retriever pup running around our home named Whiskey. In ‘We got ourselves a puppy’ I tell you all about our four-legged friend. 

Meanwhile, as much as I love my furry friend, no dark tinted trousers are safe from his golden locks. And let’s be real lint, dust and pet hair can really ruin the appearance of a well styled outfit. 

Many of you will be familiar with tape rollers to take hairs of your clothes. But did you know that residue from the glue sticks to your clothes. As a result, lint and dust stick more easily to your clothes. 

Therefore it’s far better to use a lint brush instead. Not only is it a more sustainable option, it does not stick to your clothes. With just a few easy sweeps of the Steamery Lint Brush I can spruce up any outfit on my way out.

The Steamery Lint Brush removes lint, dust and pet hair with just a few sweeps
Steamery Lint Brush
The Steamery Tumble Dryer Balls from 100% natural wool will keep your fabrics soft and reduce drying time
Steamery Tumble Dryer Balls

Use Tumble Dryer Balls instead of Fabric Softener

We all like our fabrics to be soft and comfortable to wear. Yet fabric softener often accelerates the deterioration process of your fabrics. Furthermore, most fabric softeners are actually bad for the environment. 

What if I told you there is a more sustainable, fabric friendly way to keep your fabrics soft when drying them. Sounds interesting? I thought so! Tumble Dryer Balls are made out of 100% natural wool. They separate the garments during tumble drying. Consequently, reducing the drying time by 10-30%. Further, they reduce static electricity and keep your fabrics soft. You’ll have no need to buy fabric softener any more!

I hope these gadgets and tips were useful to you. Over the past month I’ve tried them all out myself and am using them daily now. As such, I can highly recommend the Steamery products to any of you looking for a fabric shaver, lint brush or tumble dryer balls.

 This is not a sponsored article.I bought each gadget by myself. Nevertheless, I do believe in Steamery’s mission to improve the way we treat our garments for them to last longer. Moreover it’s in line with my personal vision of buying less yet higher quality, timeless pieces that will stay with you longer.



Steamery is a Stockholm based brand that was founded in 2014 by Frej, Petra and Martin. They wanted to bring back the tradition of taking care of one’s clothes. Seeing that the lifetime of a garment today has become unnecessarily short. Their aim is to modernise the tradition of textile care.  

Steamery tools, source: @Steamery on Instagram
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